Check out our favorite time-saving business tools that help us efficiently bill insurance providers and keep us informed on the latest MNT reimbursement updates.

We use these resources in our own private practices to keep things running smoothly so we can do what we love most - helping our clients with medical nutrition therapy.



Ability to fax without a machine or an additional business line. HIPAA compliant!

I love them because it saves me the cost of a fax machine, supplies and an additional business line.  It started when I moved the office the last time and the cost of adding an additional line for the fax was prohibitive.    I can send faxes using my computer, tablet or smartphone. I receive an email when a fax arrives to the website and an email when my sent fax goes through. I know immediately if it was successful or if it failed.


Office Ally

Electronic Billing Software

I love Office Ally. They are easy to use from any computer with an internet connection.  They train you free how to use the system. If you have questions, they are available 24/7 days a week for technical support.  I have called them after 6 PM many times and have always received a return call and an answer to my questions or concerns. The reason why I really love them is before you submit a claim and you hit update, the system identifies if you have any errors so you can correct them on the spot.  The other great advantage is they keep updated on all the ICD 10 changes that happen frequently. Many codes go to a “non-billable/nonspecific code”. If you submit a claim with the old code, they will notify you immediately and you can fix/correct the claim with the updated code easily. As you know, only clean claims with appropriate specific codes get paid.

ICD10 Data

This is a free lookup with all the updated ICD 10 codes and specific information under each code.

I love this site because it is very detailed, updated and helps me keep my diet prescription with ICD 10 codes I send physicians with the latest information.  This saves me hours of time.

MNT Provider

Available through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for Members.

For practice management news, read the MNT Provider — a monthly newsletter specifically tailored for registered dietitian nutritionists. The MNT Provider includes articles on topics such as billing, coding and coverage, CMS updates and releases, practice and business management, health care reform, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance reimbursement, and is free to Academy members.

I love this resource because it keeps me updated on the latest information on billing, coding and coverage as well as insurance reimbursement.

Noridian Medicare
Jurisdiction E Part B Update

I love this email update sent every Tuesday and Friday.  I keep up on the latest information and changes to Medicare and their upcoming local programs and webinars.  Just recently, learned about the new Medicare cards and their alpha numeric numbers.  The last local seminar I attended, was well worth the 8 hour time commitment because I learned about the different modifiers for billing for a denial. If Noridian is not your Medicare Administrative Carrier MAC, look up your MAC www.cms.gov